Industrial Security

Industrial Security Systems

In ORAIT, we apply advanced security measures, adapted to each type of industrial site. We study each particular environment and we prescribe the most appropriate system. Our staff has a large experience in the most complicated environments. From industrial explosives storage facilities, to an enclosure in the desert, we know exactly what needs to be done so that everything works perfectly, in the shortest time possible and at the most competitive price. We work on projects from various business sectors: industrial security, critical infrastructure, transport and logistics, large areas…

Security systems are necessary in all areas of industry, especially in those areas where there is a high risk of intrusion and leakage. We have vast experience and knowledge in security engineering, we are experienced installers and we offer a fast and effective maintenance in security systems of all types of industrial sector facilities: industrial plants (petrochemical, automobile, fish farms …), power plants, electrical substations, refineries, nuclear power plants, wind power plants, biodiesel generation plants, supply stations, explosives warehouses, data processing center (CPD), telecommunications booths …

We offer maximum robustness and safety for complex installations in the industrial sector. Integration with SCADA (Control and Data Acquisition System) and installation of monitoring equipment for explosive atmospheres in the main industries where security and safety is a crucial factor (its facilities are at risk of explosions or fires). Our safety projects for this type of installation take into account that poor protection or malfunction of any element of the system could be a source of ignition or explosion. Therefore, ORAIT security installations offer specific installation means that comply with the requirements imposed by the legal regulations for industries where security is a critical element.

industrial security

ORAIT Industrial Security System

Critical Infrastructure Security Systems

Critical Infrastructure Security Systems

We provide innovative solutions in security and we are specialists in the protection of Critical Infrastructures. Thanks to the employment of:

  • Perimeter detectors (IDS and RADAR)
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Fence sensors
  • Intelligent video analysis and management software
  • Access Control
  • Fire Protection
  • etc,....

It is possible to effectively control large areas of high risk, since our security solutions provide a quick alert reducing the risk of intrusion or leakage, as it facilitates a longer response time.


Perimeter and Logistic Security Systems

We offer you the best security systems and services in the perimeter and logistics sectors to ensure the safety of your facilities.

We are specialists in perimeter and interior security systems for large areas of the transport sector. From airport protection to metropolitan transport, passing through railways, passenger ports and container terminals.

We have been successfully protecting numerous storage and distribution surfaces for 20 years. Our advanced security systems are prepared for all this type of surfaces. The high degree of specialization of crime that attacks this type of business, both from abroad and from within, requires knowledge and specific solutions that we provide.

Large Area Security Systems

Large Area Security Systems

The protection, both perimeter and interior in large areas is a complex task that requires adequate specialization.

The security systems installed by ORAIT in shopping centers, car parks, residential areas and business parks are perfectly integrated with the rest of the equipment in these environments. Whether you have face-to-face monitoring or not, we will offer you the best systems and services to guarantee the security of your property.